Today is a special day, it’s just now that I can finally talk publicly about what I have been working on for the past year.

Dreadnought is coming to PlayStation 4! Finally announced in PlayStation Experience 2016 event.

When I joined the Dreadnought team one year ago my goals were clear, to get Dreadnought up and running on PS4, to deliver the greatest possible gameplay experience to PS4 players, and to get Dreadnought looking yet even more awesome. Step by step, Dreadnought console team was built, and step by step we marched – and continue to march – towards our goals.

I remember the first time I got Dreadnought running on my PS4 kit, by then the controller support was very rough but oh my, playing Dreadnought on PS4 felt so right! I played with some of my colleagues and we all had the same feeling: Dreadnought is a natural for this platform, and with all the additions and changes planned, it will become a great console game experience, one that I cannot wait for all players to experience first hand.

It has been a challenging year, full of hard work, challenges, achievements, learning experiences, frustrations, breakthroughs, sweat and tears. And today, everyone in the world gets to see the results. I learned a lot in the past year, and I got to know many talented people. This was my very own great experience.